You Want to Learn Graphic Design from Home, But You Feel Stuck, Unmotivated, or Lost…

Learning to Think Like a Designer Is the Key…

  • Once I unlocked the key to actually think like a designer, I started to progress quickly and decisively
  • Once I understood what makes a design work, my designs started to look more professional
  • Once I realized the fundamental rules that apply to any design, I was able to understand what needed to be done on the page or the computer

The Course

  • First, we will discuss how you should really view the task of design and how you should define it in order to become an effective graphic designer.
  • Then, I will teach you to recognize and use the fundamental building blocks that make up any graphic representation, which will allow you to “build” designs more effectively.
  • Next, I will teach you what design principles are and how they are applied to effective designs. These are “rules” you can repeat over and over to create designs that are attractive, professional, and effective.
  • Finally, I will teach you the most important rules of composition and layout, which will allow you to arrange graphics and information and plan a design successfully.
  • The building blocks of graphics
  • The most important principles of graphic design
  • Rules and tricks you can apply to any design to make them look professional
  • How to arrange graphics and information effectively to create highly attractive and communicative compositions
  • What you should know about computer skills and how to learn software efficiently


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Who Is This Course for?

  • You are resolute in your goal to learn graphic design
  • You have a specific reason and motivation for learning graphic design (for example, you need a career change or want to finally pursue your creative side)
  • You have the discipline and commitment to attend sessions via Zoom for several weeks

What Do You Get?

  • Live sessions via Zoom with yours truly, a college professor who has been teaching graphic design with great success for many years but who is also a self-made designer who learned on his own
  • Access to class recordings (only for the group)
  • Access to a private course community via Discord, where we can answer questions and exchange feedback
  • Access to all future versions of this course, regardless of price increase and additional lessons and materials

How Much Does It Cost?