15+ Excellent Podcasts To Learn Graphic Design

21 graphic design podcasts for learning

Learning graphic design is not only about knowing how to create an icon or learning the latest Photoshop trick. 

If you want to be a successful graphic designer, you must get immersed in graphic design topics, know industry terminology, and be informed about trending problems and topics. 

That’s why listening to graphic design podcasts, as well as following graphic design pages on Instagram, are excellent ways of immersing yourself in the professional field of graphic design. 

In this post, I list the best graphic design podcasts, especially with the beginner in mind. 

These are the best graphic design podcasts for learning graphic design and being inspired: 

  1. Design Matters with Debbie Millman
  2. The Deeply Graphic Designcast
  3. Adventures In Design
  4. 99% Invisible
  5. The Futur by Chris Do
  6. The Honest Designers Show
  7. Being Freelance
  8. Feasting on Design
  9. The Accidental Creative
  10. Creative Pep Talk
  11. Resourceful Designer
  12. Revision Path
  13. The Reflex Blue Show
  14. North v South
  15. Logo Geek Podcast

Best Graphic Design Podcasts For Learning and Staying Current

One of the most popular design podcasts, Debbie Millman’s long-running show dates back to 2005. Debbie Millman, an eminence in the design space, was the first to create a design podcast format. The full archive is available at DesignObserver.com.


  • Features interviews with some of the world’s best-known designers, artists, and cultural leaders such as Seth Godin, Tim Brown, and Marian Bantjes
  • Goes beyond graphic design to discuss broader design topics
  • Great for listening anywhere, whether you’re at your desk or on your daily commute

Hosted by three different graphic designers (Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson), this is a podcast for true creatives. Each episode tackles practical design topics, such as finding better clients, improving your portfolio, and making sure you are paid. 


  • Includes in-depth interviews, roundtable discussions, and instructional lessons.
  • Listen to the “Do Yourself a Favour” segment for listener’s questions.
  • Great podcast for freelancers.

This one is hosted by graphic designer Mark Brickley, who adds a youthful spin to the design podcast world. Adventures in Design is produced daily to discuss current trends and news in the graphic design and illustration industry. The podcast’s theme surrounds how to be creative and happy in your professional life.


  • The “Shop Talk” interview segment includes discussions among friends in design and illustration. 
  • Paid subscriber version called “The Circle of Trust”, where you can get exclusive content and perks.
  • Great podcast to connect with your day-to-day design experience.  

Hosted by Roman Mars, this podcast focuses on relationships between the unnoticed and unthought-of design and architecture in our lives. 99% Invisible is a weekly podcast exploring the power of design. 


  • Host Roman Mars was one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in 2013.
  • 450+ episodes to date and over 500 million downloads.
  • Great podcast that goes out of the box in design thinking and conceptualization.

Chris Do is a graphic design and branding educator that tackles topics in design, tech, marketing, and business. He has built an impressive following as a well-known podcaster in graphic design and empowers creatives to live a sustainable life doing what they love.


  • Go down the rabbit hole of Chris Do through his YouTube channel.
  • Goes beyond graphic design with deep conversations on personal development.
  • Great podcast to challenge your current way of thinking.

A weekly podcast hosted by Tom Ross, Founder of DesignCuts, and industry veterans Dustin Lee, Ian Barnard, and Lisa Glanz. Just as its title implies, they offer an honest take on what it takes to succeed as a professional creative.


  • Discover day-to-day topics in overcoming obstacles faced by designers.
  • Gain actionable tips to improve your creative career.
  • Great for studio and freelance designers alike.

In this podcast, Steve Folland goes into freelance lifestyle topics such as the hurdles often faced by creatives. Freelancing can be a stressful and isolating experience for freelance designers, but this podcast offers practical tips on how to overcome them successfully. 


  • Learn how over 100+ freelancers got started and gained success.
  • Casual conversations about freelance creative lifestyles. 
  • Great for any freelance designer, especially those just getting started.

Jason Frosholm invites guests from the annual conference Creative South to talk about how to use creativity to build a successful career. The podcast aims to connect with guests who aren’t necessarily designers. Guests include developers, musicians, comedians, and anyone that uses their creative talent.


  • Connect with creatives’ stories from the annual conference.
  • Accepts suggestions that can be submitted via Twitter.
  • Great for learning from fellow creatives.

This podcast has been around for well over a decade, with millions of downloads. Its host, Todd Henry, has written several design books and helps listeners with practical tips and strategies for productivity. 


  • Todd Henry describes himself as “an arms dealer in the creative revolution.”
  • Regularly scheduled design podcast posted twice a week.
  • Great variety of guests who are artists, authors, and business leaders.

A podcast that aims to help listeners break through to a creative career success. Andy J. Miller, an illustrator, talks through crazy analogies and personal stories in his own career to give you insights on how to ignite your creative powers.


  • Aims to help creatives reach their highest potential.
  • Great feel-good podcast offering different perspectives.
  • Perfect podcast for creative entrepreneurs. 

This podcast offers resources to designers looking to streamline a home-based graphic design and web design business. Hosted by Mark Des Cotes, who offers behind the scenes insights into a design business. 


  • Mark has over 25 years of experience, providing a wealth of knowledge.
  • You can check out the Resourceful Designer blog for helpful tips.
  • Great podcast to learn the business side of graphic design. 

A weekly podcast hosted by Maurice Cherry, founder of Lunch, an award winning multidisciplinary studio in Atlanta, GA. It focuses on showcasing the world of Black designers, web developers, and digital creatives.


  • Maurice’s design work and advocacy has been recognized by Apple, Blavity, NPR, Forbes, Fast Company, and many more outlets.
  • First podcast to be added to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).
  • Perfect for Black creatives to connect. 

This one is hosted by Donovan Beery, a designer from Omaha, Nebraska. The podcast covers topics in graphic design, general design, web design, and people working in creative industries. The podcast has a huge selection of features, such as Val Head, Jessica Hische, and Stefan Sagmeister. 


  • Has over 11 seasons of content.
  • Donovan has a love for pop culture, which comes up a lot. 
  • Perfect content to learn as a self-made designer. 

This podcast is hosted by two English graphic designers, Rob Turpin and Jon Elliman, each from the Northern and Southern regions. A podcast “that is and isn’t about design” tackles topics in design, tech, and books. 


  • Feels like an office-like chat for creatives. 
  • Hear two perspectives in one podcast, with occasional guests.
  • They also tackle random topics such as culture and pies (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love pie?).

Hosted by Ian Paget, an award winning logo design expert, explores what it takes to design logos and brand identities. You’ll find interviews with successful graphic designers and entrepreneurs, and learn through their experiences.  


  • Offers practical advice, such as getting clients and common portfolio mistakes.
  • Focused on logo design in the graphic design and illustration world.
  • Great for anyone, from solopreneurs to aspiring logo design professionals.

Other Podcasts You Might Find Interesting

I’ve given you a detailed review of 15 graphic design podcasts that will boost your learning, from discussions about design principles, best practices in design to portfolio making and professional challenges. 

Want even more? 

Check these additional design podcasts for further exploration: 

16. Pathfinder

17. The Creative Condition podcast

18. Creative Rebels

19. Never Not Creative

20. Design Your Life

21. Bounce The Block

Conclusion: Start Listening to Design Podcasts for Boosting Your Graphic Design Journey 

Here you go: 21 graphic design podcasts covering every aspect of graphic design. 

Your turn: 

Pick one or two podcasts, and start listening in your car, walking to the grocery store, or while you work. 

Believe me, it will provide you with a solid background of the field of graphic design, will initiate you in the vocabulary of designers, and will inspire you to continue learning design. 

Don’t wait any longer. START NOW. 

About the Author:

Ruben Ramirez teaches digital media in college and started Self-Made Designer to share his knowledge of graphic design. He is also a self-taught designer.